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Chemical Industry Mokra Gora

Head office of the company:

31243 Mokra Gora
+ 381 31 800 313; + 381 31 800 317
+ 381 31 800 316 (managing director)
+ 381 31 800 318
+ 381 31 800 304 (marketing)


Legal status of the company:
stock company

Production program:
KOTROMAN is a company ranked among well-known and recognized manufacturers of paper size based on modified colophony and other additives, on the basis of synthetic resins, for paper industry needs. The company also produces PVC plastisols for special applications in automobile industry and production of packing goods. Its production program also includes a wide range of paints and varnishes for protection of wood, metals etc. and other special anticorrosive and reparatory agents.

Auxiliaries for paper & cardboard industry:

  • KOSAL 50 and KOSAL 40

resin sizes based on chemically modified colophony designed for internal paper sizing at pH 4.5 - 5.0


resin size dispersion designed for internal paper sizing at pH 6.5 - 6.8; it's also suitable for sizing of materials based on waste paper


synthetic size of anionic type designed for surface paper sizing on drawing press in combination with starch


flotation and retention media based on modified polyacrylamide for use in production of wood-free paper

Products for automobile industry:

  • filter mass (KOPLEX 121, KOPLEX 12, KOPLEX 123)

  • antisonic, insulation and protective media (KOPLEX 100, KOPLEX 101, KOPLEX 102)


  • automobile cosmetics (SOLAR)

  • coolants (ANTIFRIZ 40, ANTIFRIZ 100)

Sealants for packing goods:

  • for crown caps (KRUNOL P, KRUNOL R)

  • for screw tops (KRUNPOLAST N)

  • for jar lids (KOLASTOL TO)

  • for metal containers (AMIPLAST 160, AMIPLAST 180)

Surface protection and insulation:

  • synthetic floors

  • self-spreading floors

  • industrial floors

  • water-proofing products

KOTROMAN guarantees top quality and reliable delivery of products to its customers. Also, some additional requirements of customers are met in company's research and development laboratories.

Consumption of raw materials:
PVC (emulsion and micro-suspension), colophony (WW and WG grade), alkyd resins, epoxy resins, MEG, pigments for paints and varnishes, butyl-acetate, ethyl-acetate, dioctylphthalate.

Main downstream markets:
paper & cardboard industry, automobile industry, production of packing goods, wholesale and retail sale of paints and varnishes.  

Main export products:
auxiliaries for paper & cardboard industry (KOSAL 40, KOSAL 50, NOVAKOL SM 30, KOSIN A), assortment of KOPLEX products for automobile industry needs.

road (main road: Beograd - Cacak - Uzice - Sarajevo)

Quality assurance certification:
introduction of ISO 9001 standards under way

Total staff:

Average turnover:
25 mil. $

Average value of export:
15 mil. $

Planned development projects:

  • expanding of production program by development of new additives for paper industry needs (synthetic sizing agents, flotation and retention agents),

  • production of emulsifiers based on disproportionate colophony designed for use in polymerization of elastomers (SBR)

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