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Petroleum and Gas


The company NAFTAGAS, founded in 1949 to explore and exploit crude oil and gas fields in Vojvodina, the northern region of Serbia, might be indirectly assumed to be an embryo of today's oil & gas industry of Serbia.

During the 1950's and the 1960's the government of Serbia made a very serious investment effort in erecting the facilities for crude oil and natural gas extraction as well as the facilities for incidental service activities. Several refinery complexes for crude oil processing and manufacturing of petroleum derivatives were brought on-stream. First refinery was built in Krnjaca (near Belgrade) in 1953 - today it is only lubes type refinery. Finally, during 1968 the two large and full assortment refineries in Pancevo and Novi Sad were put into operation.

More than 1,000 missiles hit the refineries in Novi Sad and Pancevo during the 78 days of NATO's air-campaign in the spring of 1999. However, by extreme efforts of management and employees both these facilities are again in operation today.

The local economy highly depends on imported crude petroleum and natural gas. In 2004 the Republic of Serbia has imported 3.32 million tons of crude petroleum (growth of around 13% in comparison with previous year) and 1.43 million tons of natural gas (+36%).

All companies for exploration, extraction and distribution of crude petroleum and natural gas, as well as almost all companies for producing and trading with petroleum derivatives, are incorporated in the public corporation NIS-petroleum industry of serbia. Activities on restructuring of this giant corporation started in the middle of 2005.  At the very beginning two lube-type refineries, located in Krnjaca (near Belgrade) and Krusevac (Southern Serbia), became independent companies and both of them entered privatization processes.






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