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Plastic Products

Manufacturing of plastic products was the most propulsive industrial sector in Serbia during the 80's. Even during last decade, when output of almost all other industrial sectors dropped by 50% or more, the performance of the plastic products industry has been interrupted only negligible.

Nowdays, about 1,200 manufacturers of plastic products were nominally registered, but really active on industrial scale are not more than 200. Remaining registered firms are small producers dealing with handicraft manufacturing or trading firms. This field of chemical production is developed in both towns and villages.

Producers of plastic products are faced with great problems in import of raw materials, equipment and spare parts. However, the significant numbers of producers, especially private enterprises that show higher flexibility in business transactions, manage somehow. Larger producers also have the problem their capacities utilization as the sales on domestic market are reduced because of the former Yugoslavia disintegration and a long-term economic crisis that exist in new Yugoslavia.

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