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Responsible Care

Responsible Care is chemical industry voluntary action program formed in aim:

  1. To improve HSE performance of the global chemical industry through a responsible behaviour going beyond just meeting the regulation.

  2. To communicate this improvement and respond public concerns, resulting in a better public perception of the industry and a better capacity to influence future regulations.

Responsible Care is world-wide chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment performance and to openness in communication about its activities and achievements.

National chemical industry programmes are responsible for the detailed implementation of Responsible Care in their countries.

Each national Responsible Care programme includes 8 (eight) basic features. Existing RC structure has been developed step by step. The last feature / verification / was introduced in 1996 by ICCA which is supervising Responsible Care.

Individual countries’ RC programmes are in different stages of development and have different emphases.

Regional Responsible Care programmes (Europe – CEFIC) assist in the cross – fertilisation of ideas and best practice.

In the long term the credibility of RC ethic will depend on the actual performance of the chemical industry and the visibility of the progress achieved. Performance Indicators ate an important element to track and communicate such progress. Credibility will be further enhanced by verification of the implementation of RC . Responsible Care is a broad commitment which is applied in different ways around the world. RC basic feature – verification - may use for its purposes internationally recognized schemes and standards which are consistent with RC commitment, like ISO 14000.


Email: rcyu@lab.org.yu

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