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NIS Petrol - RNP
Petroleum Refinery Pancevo



Head office of the company:
Address: 26000 PANCEVO, Spoljnostarcevacka  b.b.
Telephone: + 381 13 310 004
Fax: + 381 13 345 255
WWW: http://www.rnp.co.yu
Legal status of the company:
part of the joint-stock company NIS-Petroleum industry of Serbia


Main downstream markets:

petrochemical & chemical industry, trading companies within Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS)

Main export products:
liquefied petroleum gases (propane, butane, propylene)



road (highway Belgrade - Pancevo), railway (industrial gauge) and waterway (port at river Danube)

Pipeline connections:

NIS - RNP and other oil companies from former Yugoslavia have jointly financed the construction of a pipeline from the island of Krk (Croatia) to Pancevo, by way of which 6 x 106 tpy of crude oil can be transported.

Quality assurance certification:
ISO 9001 approval issued in 1998
Total staff:
Planned development projects:
  • meeting EU standards on product quality

  • reconstruction of the units and infrastructure in order to improve the process efficiency and crude oil valorization

  • reduction of energy costs

  • improvement of environmental protection

  • joint projects with neighboring petrochemical company HIP-Petrohemija on better valorization of by-streams.

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